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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

1 January
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1. This journal was created for Behind the Glass a multi-fandom rp game. Every member of the community as access to this account. It's used as a plot device and a harbinger of doom to each character passing through the Looking Glass to the space behind the mirror.
2. That is not my real birthday, I'm older that dirt, enough said.

I did not create any of the graphics. I did make them into icons. The graphics were found either in the related character fandom website, from Disney, and fanpop.com. Any remaining graphic sources should be from royalty free sites.

We are just fans with time on our hands. All characters, graphics, etc. are the intellectual property of the related fandom creators, authors, stations, etc.

Additional web pages used for this journal: fanpop.net, http://www.kissthemgoodbye.net
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